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Fenix Frac Plug System

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Fenix Frac Plug System Benefits




 Tools rebuilt and redressed off location in a controlled environment

 Stringent QA/QC inspection

 Places responsibility for frac plugs and setting tools into the hands of subject matter experts for maximum QA/QC

 Lightweight - Easily handled by one person

 iFortress data tracking

 Supports SHE, ESG, reduces NPT

Setting Tool Benefits




 Self Bleeding


 Oil-Free Design

 Proprietary Dampening Stage

 Internal Dual Bleed Off

 Accepts Industry Standard Power Charges

 Standard ACME Top Thread Connection (2.375

 Anti Preset Shear Screws

 Emergency Bleed Off Mechanism


Frac Plug Design Features

Fenix Frac Plug




 100% composite construction (no metal content)

 Made in USA

 Proprietary stacking process is automated and consistent to increase maximum bypass rate

 Tested at rated pressure and rated temperature simultaneously


Frac Plug Sizes

Frac Plug




Frac plug sizes



Frac Plug System Specs




FPS Specs




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